Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Logic is the Beginning of Creative

For the past week or so I've been working on a graphic design project which required us to create our own Newspaper spread, taking inspiration from the brilliantly designed The Guardian newspaper. 

Here is the final outcome which I am very proud of..

I began by studying the layout of the Guardian newspaper closely, which meant PAINSTAKINGLY measuring everything millimeter by millimeter!!  Zzzzzz.... then sketching a few of my own layout designs I felt represented The Guardian well and replicating it as best I could using Indesign. 

It required alot of time and effort to get it how I wanted & include things like a tint block, a drop cap and pull out quotes to add detail. I also had to be careful to use rules and guides and make sure that everything lined up together to make it look professional. 

For another module we are creating our own book cover designs for Penguin Books such as One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest & Grimm's Fairy Tales. So I decided to integrate the two modules and use this as the content for the articles as well as a study of the legendary Jan Tschichold. 

We were only required to make up the headlines, the images & the first paragraphs of the articles, filling the rest of the page with placeholder text as it was the layout which was the main focus of this brief.

There are a few things I would of like to have changed if i had of had the time, like increasing the size of the body text, possibly adding in more pull-out quotes to break up the lengthy articles & I would of liked to have included line rules between the columns.

Despite it being my first time ever using InDesign I really enjoyed this project and it recieved very good feedback.

I would really like to hear more feedback so any comments would be extremely helpful. What do you think of my design? Would it look out of place or blend in well in The Guardian newspaper?

Love Shauna xo


  1. Well done this looks good!


  2. I'm also doing the penguin books brief this year haha, we were given the same 2 books too. Not sure which one I'll go with though


    1. Im going for One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest! :) It has to be finished next week and Ive barely started :/ So much work to do! xo